We tailor every package to maximize your profitability, your offer’s scalability, and minimize your business’ exposure.

You have the option of hiring us for any one or many of our services, but we recommend taking our all-inclusive package in order to guarantee highest return on investment.

We’re like a champion race car driver – put us in any car and you will get the best results out of that car. Let us choose the right tires / fuel / chassis / engine for the race specifications, and we’ll win that race for you.

Launch Your Existing Business Online



Phone Sales (High Ticket)


Launch Your Existing Business Online

Party like it’s




Is your business still not making money online?

If you shut your doors during the lockdowns of 2020 and you didn’t continue making money, I’ve got bad news for you… you’re shooting your business in the foot and denying it critical medical attention.

We are experts in launching businesses online – from investment firms to law firms to pharmacies to dog walkers. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – you can sell it online and to a much larger audience.

Depending on what you’re selling, we will either launch a fully functional store or business website including client CRM, inventory management, payment processing, customer support flows, and more.




There's a reason Jeff Bezos is the world's second richest man.

eCommerce has been growing massively over the last two decades, while in-store retail sales have been losing significant ground to online sales. eCommerce sales for all of our assets and clients’ stores have increased significantly through 2020 compared to the year before.

We work with some of the most reliable partners worldwide to provide the following services:

Sourcing the best manufacturers / suppliers worldwide

Assistance with global logistics (shipping / warehousing)

Store building using our own highly converting templates

Market analysis & research

Product and advertising creative

​​​Full marketing and sales packages as detailed in the sections below

We have launched stores that have gone on to generate 7 and 8 figure revenues in a year selling:

POD (Print On Demand)


“Winning” Products – gadgets, toys, electronics, utilities

Health & Wellness





A Funner is the only tool you'll need.

Regardless if you provide us with your advertising creatives, or we create them for you, you will need a funnel to sell your product or service to the right prospects using those advertising creatives.

A funnel is a complex infrastructure that maximizes the result obtained for every dollar spent on marketing. It takes careful planning and research to build a funnel that will give you the maximum return on every ad dollar spent.

Here is a simple explanation:

This is a really simplistic explanation, but it’s the gist of how you can run million dollar campaigns at scale with minimum manpower and maximum ROI.

All the magic happens at the last part, which is where we create the “infrastructure” to sell your product or service on automation with as much scalability as your product/service allows, but we also invest tremendous effort up front to make sure the infrastructure is built to succeed.

We run advertisements on the following channels:

  • Social media

  • Search engines

  • Display and native

  • Newspapers

  • Radio

  • Television

  • Billboards

  • And more… If it works, we do it.

We are also experts at website SEO, building long term SEO campaigns that bring organic (free) traffic to your business, that can then be fed into one of our funnels

The result



Phone Sales (High Ticket)

Sometimes a Friendly, professional voice is all a prospect needs to complete the sale.

Depending on your business’ goals, or the cost of the product / service you are selling, it may be necessary to have well trained sales-people ready to call a hot lead who has just reached the end of the marketing funnel and needs that final human interaction to seal the deal.

We provide you with two professional services that will not only increase your customer conversion rate significantly, but your average player value (average amount spent by each customer) as well.

Consulting / Sales Training

We will either train your existing sales team to sell your offer like it’s the air your prospects need to

breathe – ethically.

We take into account local laws and regulations for your industry and the geos your customers are located in. We don’t train sales people to lie – we train them to close.

If you don’t have a sales team but wish to set up your own sales desk, we do offer this for high value clients only. We will help you train sales managers, sales people, retention agents, and any other roles that will be required for smooth operation of your sales desk - such as support, compliance, etc.

We can also provide you with banking, corporate and legal solutions to provide complete indemnity in today’s turbulent legal environment.

High Ticket Closers

We will handle your sales for you, utilizing our own high ticket closers who are some of the industry’s top phone salespeople. They are each trained to maximize average player value while maintaining priority on customer satisfaction and your company’s image.